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¿Que es una casita?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019


noun, plural ca·si·tas [kuh-see-tuh z; Spanish kah-see-tahs] /kəˈsi təz; Spanish kɑˈsi tɑs/.

“Small House or bungalow serving as private guest accommodations at a resort hotel.”

So what is a casita? In particular what will a casita at Fort Linwell be?
Think very private. Think views. Blues, greens with a reef just a few hundred yards out. Cow & Calf islands, mountains.
Think outdoor showers, private decks, cooking areas, hammocks and trade winds keeping you cool in the tropical heat.

The little roof to the right is the casita already built on the property

We have three and a half acres and don’t plan on more than three casitas, so everyone will have space to feel like they have an island of their own - but just steps away from landscaped pathways and communal, social and cooking spots.

The photos below are of the casita we already have, the one we stayed in on our visit. The one that sealed the deal!

Elevated pathway to the casita

Private covered deck next to the casita with seating area, kitchenette with small fridge & gas grill

Private deck off the casita. Lime Cay in the background, our dock below that and the small metal roof to the right is the private outdoor kitchen & deck

Wake up to that million dollar view! Cow & Calf island right out front - a snorkeling destination and scuba area. Check out "Cow and Calf Roatan" on Google, pretty cool pirate history and general info about Port Royal! On clear days you can see the huge mountains 30 or 40 miles across the water on the Honduran mainland.

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