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One of the most excited parts about this journey is the complete unknown, the new, the learning that has to take place.

We’re ”boat access only”. While we were unsure at first about not having a road anywhere near our home we quickly realized the benefits of only being accessible by water once we arrived on the island. The privacy is unparalled anywhere else in Roatan. The tropical, lush vibe we were looking for seemed to be more on the “boat access” side too!

The unexpected part.

As as it turns out the home we’re purchasing comes with boats. Three to be exact. We have a fishing boat (that we’ll use to pick up goods on the rainy days) and a “skiff” which is the easiest way to get to and from according to our friends on the island. The other boat? That’s the one we’re most excited about. It’s a 16’ catamaran.

The 16’ catamaran comes with the home

Have I sailed before? Hell no. Has Scottie? Yeah but when he was a kid at Camp Thunderbird so can we really count that? The good news is we work well together and enjoy a good adrenaline rush every now and then.

The problem of course is how do we learn to sail in Charlotte? I grew up in Atlanta, boats were definitely not a thing. Scott’s a Unicorn, a Charlotte native, so he’s in the same boat as I am.

Well, it turns our there are sailing classes up on Lake Norman. Scottie found them. We’re currently waiting to hear back for exact dates but we can’t stop talking about the excitement of learning to sail, something I’ve never thought I‘d get the chance to do.

Who knows how this chapter of the journey will unfold, here’s to hoping we learn quickly and enjoy sailing on the open ocean. Cheers!

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