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Almost Home

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The past 24 hours plus a little have been a whirlwind. We drove away from Charlotte around 8 PM on Thursday, drove for 10 hours to Tampa and waited another three for our plane.

We have three dogs, none of which have ever been in a crate. There was no way we would put them in one, then put them on an airline in the cargo hold, So the three of us piled into a 2 propeller King Air and took off at 9 AM.

We landed on the island a little over three hours later.

The dogs just relaxed and slept, I’m sure the Traza-something probably helped.

We landed, and after two hours in immigration (seems we were supposed to check out the last time we were here so we had a little fine to pay), we loaded up in our rental car and followed our new friends Sherri and Brian to the home we are renting for five days.

Another two hours of travel around the island picking up groceries, water and waiting for bit of road construction on the single road that rides the spine of the mountain ridge down the island.

Then we arrived, unloaded the car and the dogs and began to settle in. Shit got real right about then. 😬😁

We are here. This is our home. We took the dogs down to the water and introduced them to the ocean, we fixed black beans and rice for dinner, we sat on the porch and watched the sun go down and felt the heat of the day blow away in the breeze bringing the warm humid night.

The dock in front of our rental.

We launch our rental boat tomorrow!

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