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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Neither of us has ever spent a tremendous amount of time on boats. Nothing more than the occasional lake weekend in Georgia or North Carolina where we are from, or on vacation on excursions where other people were captain.

We‘ll be on a lot of boats from now on!

Our new home his boat access only, no road in, no road out. Behind us is national Forest and in front a reef guarded natural harbor. We aren’t far from others by boat, and we love the set up and the privacy this will afford us as well as our guests. There are restaurants and small stores that sell provisions in food which are accessible by boat area.

The home we are renting for five days includes a small rental skiff. Our first day here we woke up early to put the boat in the water and begin exploring our surroundings. Plus, of course, passing by our soon-to-be-home and checking it out as well!

Joey getting a quick lesson after getting in the water

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